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natevw's portfolio

nerdishness of note

Current hobbies

Call it old-fashioned, but I still have a passion for applying the growing power of home computing to improve everyday lives. I enjoy taking my technical understanding of certain problems and packaging it into approachable, usable products for people. I've continued slow but steady progress on a number of such projects within the constraints of being a working father.

Freelance product developer


I resumed non-employment in the spring of 2012, focusing mainly on paid client work, but also keeping an eye out for opportunities where I might provide a useful product or service directly to end users.


2010–2012, website

&yet is a web software consultancy that makes everything from simple fresh-looking layouts to complicated Django/XMPP/node.js web applications, and recently expanded into the security and ops business as well. I began contracting for them in 2010 and became their seventh employee that June.

Calf Trail

2008–2010, website

Calf Trail Software was an independent company started by me and Hjon. This was my full time job from January 2008 to July 2010. The two of us built Mac shareware and iPhone apps, and my wife helped with much of the artwork we needed. Eventually Hjon and I both moved on to our own contract work and paying jobs, and the company has become rather dormant.

NOAA/NWS subcontractor

2006–2007, website

Early work

Welcome to my World Wide Web portfolio!!! Please excuse the dust!! I still want to add more content, screenshots, demo links, and a hit counter! If you would like to link to this web page, let me know if you need a button for your hypertext.