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hi, i'm natevw

I'm a freelance product developer. Smart, opinionated, at your service.

I ship software designed to solve difficult problems (not hide them).

My specialty is usable interfaces on top of decentralized architectures

like: a web-based tool for drawing on maps, built with CouchDB.

That said, I tend to do well with just about any interesting modern web framework, native app or embedded codebase.

I love the ubiquity of JavaScript, the elegance of Python, and the responsibilities of C.

I'm interested in things.

Metaphysics. Math.

Computation. Craft.

Linguistics. Information.

Design. Communication.

Art. Meaning.

Heart. Worship.

I try to be always honest but never hurtful, so sometimes I'm not sure what to say.

I tend to be smart but might prefer to be silly.

Introverted but not shy or quiet.

I'm trying to keep some of the early dreams of personal computing alive.

Sometimes I take photos or try to make music or just go on walks drives and trips.

...with my wonderful family!

Though usually I'm reading writing somewhere between.

I'm not a real doctor.

When I go out, I play in the street. I get hit by cars. I make mashed potatoes. I get hit by cars.

For a couple of these lines there's NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED.

wut is this i don't even

Often I write to think, but even more often I don't think to write.

I should work on that.

Other hobbies may include but not limited to:


gardening, chickening

heliculture, aquaponics

ballon photography

even 3D printing!

So much to do so little time.

Is this the most productive use?

talk with me if you need code, consulting, and project leadership.

see also my blog, code, photos, videos, résumé (pdf), portfolio (w.i.p).
beware the lab-o-rinth.